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German Experts are Optimistic about the Prospects
Published:2019-10-08 16:31:48 Share:

German Federal Foreign Trade and Investment Agency expert Christina Ot said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency that the close relationship between China and Germany is unprecedented, and bilateral economic and trade cooperation will be further deepened in the future.
Ott said that regarding to the perspective of bilateral trade structure, the economies of the two countries are highly complementary. German exports to China are mainly automobiles and parts, and machinery equipment. China exports to Germany are mainly electronic products and textiles, etc.
She said that China has a great demand for German cars and parts, machinery equipment, and environmentally friendly products. These are also Germany's advantageous industries. In addition, foods such as milk produced in Germany are also popular in China. These products help meet the growing consumer needs of the Chinese people.

Ott believes that Sino-German economic and trade cooperation will be further deepened in the future. She said that the German economic community very much welcomes China's further opening up of the market and believes that this will further deepen bilateral economic and trade relations. In addition, under the framework of “One Belt, One Road”, Sino-German cooperation potential is large, and bilateral economic and trade cooperation is expected to expand into new space. (Reporter Qiao Jihong)

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