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Founded in 2018 in Osnabrück, Niedersachen, in northwestern Germany, NIC GmbH represents North China Machining Alliance & International Trade & Commercial Consultation. We have more than 100 member enterprises with ISO9001 certificates in metal raw material rough machining enterprises, metal machinery machining companies, non-ferrous metal machinery machining enterprises, mechanical machining equipment suppliers, mechanical products design enterprises and chemical products enterprises, etc. 

NIC has a professional enterprise operation and design team. Through reasonable product design, refined and optimized production process, lean production management, and comprehensive manufacturing process control, we can meet our customers’ requirements of both products quality and cost control. And the delivery period also can be ensured through a reasonable division of production and a perfect process connection. 

NIC has a team of professional marketing and experts in Europe and China to establish good business relationships with European automotive, steel, energy and equipment manufacturing companies. Through consultation and understanding of the needs of European companies, our marketing and experts team helps European companies improve their designs while reduce their production costs, and establish business contacts with member companies within the Machining Alliance to achieve the interface between China and Europe. 

NIC has a professional design, manufacturing and sales team of mechanical machining equipment. We do not only directly establish agency sales with German high-end equipment manufacturers, but also know well about European suppliers of used mechanical machining equipment in Germany through resource integration. Our professional technical team can upgrade equipment according to customer’s requirements and provide complete commissioning, installation and after-sales services. We also own the independent equipment brand of medium and high-end equipment such as CNC five-axis machine, providing a wide range of choices and perfect services for customers both at home and abroad.

By consulting and understanding the two-way needs of European companies and the member companies within the China Machinery Machining Alliance, the professional European team of NIC can help companies at both sides establish cooperation or joint venture relationships and achieve the goals of inter-enterprise technology, commerce and industry expansion. Meanwhile, we can assist SMEs achieve their aims of China's manufacturing 2025 and achieve the ultimate goal of industrial tie-in with industrial powers such as German Industry 4.0. 

NIC provides a platform for cooperation between Chinese and European companies, cross cultural exchanges between eastern and western countries, and international merchandise trade. We have a reliable team of experts, an excellent product design team, and a strong alliance of machining companies, providing our best professional service to China and European companies. We always abide by the spirit of integrity and contract. 

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E-mail:info@nic-industry.com Website:www.nic-industry.com Add:Erlenweg 13,49076 Osnabrück Germany