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Artificial Intelligence is Slowly Affecting our Lives
Published:2019-10-08 16:34:03 Share:

With the development and maturity of artificial intelligence technology, artificial intelligence has embarked on many jobs, customer service, traffic management, financial investment, etc., which are slowly affecting our lives.  


Humans will be freed from heavy and dangerous work

Changan Ford's robotic automatic spraying replaces the traditional painter; Jingdong drone delivery is increasingly replacing the heavy-duty couriers... In the future, some heavy-duty and dangerous work will be replaced by artificial intelligence machines. Humans will be freed from these jobs.



Relieve doctor-patient relationship and improve medical standards

Nowadays, the relationship between doctors and patients in China is becoming increasingly tense. Patients and their families blame doctors and nurses for improper treatment and improper care. With the development of this situation, the "medical troubles" incidents frequently occurred, and the incidents of patients hurting doctors and insulting nurses once brought the relationship between doctors and patients in China to a freezing point.




Solve customer problems and enhance customer experience

Many companies have customer service positions to answer customer calls, etc. However, due to the poor professionalism of customer service, many times they are not able to solve problems for customers, resulting in poor customer experience. 

Take Apple's Siri technology as an example. The technology has been introduced into smartphones and in-vehicle systems to answer all customer questions about the products and even help users solve some life problems. But because the technology is not yet mature, some answers can make people laugh and cry. However, compared with the infinite delay and the ambiguous human customer service, the technology can quickly answer customer questions, and the customer service experience is better.


Propose more effective travel solutions

Take Google’s driverless car as an example. In the smart module of the car, not only Google Maps, GPS, but also various traffic rules are placed, and the best driving strategy can be selected according to the driving environment. According to tests, there was no traffic accident in the car driving 257,000 kilometers, indicating that the safety of this car artificial intelligence is very good.


Improve customer shopping settlement experience and reduce operating costs

Take Wal-Mart's "Scan & Go" system as an example. Customers who shop at Wal-Mart can use the mobile phone to scan the items they want to purchase. After the purchase is over, they only need to settle on the self-service cash register. With this system, the long queues in the supermarket disappeared, the customer's shopping experience increased, the customer traffic naturally increased, and the supermarkets brought high revenues while reducing the operating costs of the supermarkets. Because the application of the self-checkout system reduces the number of cashiers, labor costs are reduced, and overall operating costs are naturally reduced.


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